Chapter 6   


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Winter Sports Survey


Category Boys Girls
Only Skied 4 10
Only Snowboarded 2 0
Neither Skied nor Snowboarded 6 10
Both Skied and Snowboarded 12 4
Total 24 24


  • Three times as many boys as girls have both snowboarded and skied.
    The only set of bars in which one bar is 3 times the height of the other is the fourth set of bars.
                        4 x 3 = 12
  • The number of girls who have skied is the same as the number of girls who have neither skied nor snowboarded.
    On the graph, the first and third sets of bars are the only two that are the same height. One must represent "only skied," and the other must represent "neither." Continue to find out which bar represents which category.
  • The number of boys who have only skied plus the number of boys who have only snowboarded equals the number of boys who have done neither sport.
    In the third set of bars, the bar for boys is equal to the sum of the bars for boys in the first and second set of bars.
  • Twice as many boys have only skied as have only snowboarded.
    The bar for boys in the first set of bars is twice the height of the bar for boys in the second set of bars.

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