Chapter 12   


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Potted Plants

Beth bought four kinds of plants: begonias, daisies, geraniums, and lilies. She bought the plants in plastic plant packs. She will replant the plants in window boxes.

  • She has 10 packs of begonias that she will plant 8 plants to a window box.
  • She has 4 fewer packs of lilies than packs of begonias.
  • She has 2 more packs of lilies than packs of daisies.
  • She will plant 4 lilies to a window box.
  • She bought the same number of packs of geraniums as packs of daisies. These two kinds of plants will be planted 3 plants to a window box.
  • She will plant only one kind of plant in each window box.

How many window boxes will she need?


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