Chapter 6   


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Critter Care


4 pets

During his school vacation, Lyle cared for his neighbors' pets while the neighbors were away. He got paid for each visit to each house. Lyle made 36 trips in all. He had to keep track of the number of times he went to each house.

  • Lyle fed and played with the McGraths' cat, Snowball, twice a day for four days while the family was away.
  • He walked the Dunns' dog, Fido, twice a day but for one day less than he took care of Snowball.
  • Chow, the Carbones' puppy, needed a lot of attention. So Lyle went to the Carbones' house three times a day. The Carbone family was away two more days than the McGrath family.
  • Lyle visited the Quinns' hamster, Squeaky, less often than he visited any other pet.
How many trips did he make to each house?


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