Chapter 1   


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Marathon Members



5 shirts of marathon runners with the following numbers on them: 
	 5500 5328 5216 5330 3417

These are the numbers that Cindy, Lisa, Maria, Tommy, and Zack wore when they ran in a marathon.

Each of the 5,500 runners in the marathon wore a different number. The runners got their numbers in the order that they signed in on the day of the race. So the first person to sign in got number 1 and the last person to sign in got number 5,500.

  • Of the group of five, Cindy had the lowest number.
  • The digit in the tens place on Tommy's shirt is one more than the digit in the tens place on Cindy's shirt.
  • Maria was the last person to sign in for the race.
  • Zack and Tommy were closest to each other in line.
  • Lisa's number is lower than Tommy's.
What number did each person wear?


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