Chapter 11   


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Boxes and Bags

Alec, Jenny, Cal and Megan helped put prizes in boxes and bags for the Fun Fair. Each bag has 10 prizes. Each box has 100 prizes.

  • Alec packed the toy cars. He packed 5 boxes, 3 bags, and had 4 cars left over.

  • Jenny packed the balls. She packed 1 more box than Alec did, but Alec packed 1 more bag than she did. Jenny didn't have any balls left over.

  • Cal packed the kites. Alec packed 1 more box than Cal, but Cal packed 6 more bags than Alec. Cal had 3 kites left over.

  • Megan packed CDs. She packed 1 more box than Jenny. Cal packed 1 more bag than Megan. Megan had 1 CD left over.

How many of each prize did they have for the fair?


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