Grade 1

Click & the Kids

comic book page 1

Page 1

Image: There are five pictures in a staggered line. There is a picture of a girl named Amy, a boy named Martin, a mouse named Click, an old man named Grandpa E., and a bird in a pond.

Image: Grandpa E., Amy, and Martin are fishing in a small pond.

Grandpa E. says: Now all we have to do is wait patiently and watch the bobbers. I hear this pond has rainbow trout. If we're lucky, we might catch one.

Amy says: Ooh! I bet they're really pretty! We can be patient, Grandpa E.

Martin says: Because we really want to catch a fish.


  1. What kind of animals live in this pond?
  2. What kind of baby animals are in the pond?
  3. What time of year do you think it is? Why? Write a sentence or two for your answer.