Harpo's World

comic book page about a contraption to make electricity with dog power.
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PERSIA: Harpo sees the pizza and starts running!

AKANE: This lowers the basket which pulls the rope and lifts the pizza out of the box.

PERSIA: The gears turn…

AKANE: …which generates electricity and turns on the light.

TEEGAN: I thought inventions were supposed to make things easier.

PERSIA: It's easy for us.

TEEGAN: How do you turn it off?

PERSIA AND AKANE: Hmmm—hadn't thought of that.

SQUIRREL (thinking): I don't think that will be a problem.


  • contraption: A mechanical device; a gadget.

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  1. How is chemical energy part of this machine?
  2. Describe two places in which energy changes states from potential energy to kinetic energy. Describe how the kinetic energy is released.
  3. Think about whether or not this invention saves time or energy. Is this a good invention or a bad invention? Write a few sentences to explain your answer.