Nestor's Dock

comic book page about mud and its elements

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Image: Phil speaks with Mud. Mud folds its arms and turns away.

Phil says, “Dirt poor?”

Mud says, “Thanks.”

Image: Phil puts his hand on Mud. Mud still looks sad.

Phil says, “Hey, come on. Life starts with you, man! Without you there'd be no apple trees or watermelons or mud baths for movie stars!”

Image: Phil grabs a handful of mud and shows it to Mud.

Phil says, “Look. You're full of life! Beetles, microorganisms, earthworms.”

Image: Mud hugs Phil, and smiles.

Mud says, “I feel better now. Thank you, little friend.”

Image: Phil pulls a worm from Mud.

Phil says, “Hey, do you mind if I take a couple of these worms?”

Mud says, “Help yourself.”

Image: Stilts stands on the dock, and another boy walks up with a fishing pole, and begins fishing.

Stilts says, “Hi, Nestor, have you seen Phil?”

Nestor says, “I saw him downriver, rolling around in the mud.”

Stilts says, “Are you sure it was Phil?”

Image: Phil appears with a handful of worms. He is very dirty.

Phil says, “Oh, Stilts? You owe me a LOT of gummies!”



  • microorganism: An organism so tiny that it can be seen only with a microscope.
  • reputation: The quality of someone as judged by others.

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  1. What is mud?
  2. What farm animal likes to spend a lot of time in the mud?
  3. Believe it or not, this animal's skin is very sensitive. Why do you think that this animal spends so much time in the mud?