Click & the Kids

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Image: Martin, Amy, and Click are sitting in a field, building the treehouse.

Amy says, “These little pieces would make great steps leading up to the treehouse. But this one's too long…”

Amy says, “A saw could fix that!”

Click says, “It helps to have the right tools!”

Image: Amy is nailing a board to the tree, to be used as a step. She is wearing safety glasses and a toolbelt.

Amy says, “And a hammer will help us nail them onto the tree.”

Image: Martin and Amy are looking at the steps to the treehouse.

Martin says, “Gee, they look a little bit crooked.”

Amy says, “Hmm…”


  1. Which tool would you use to find out how long an object is?
  2. Which tool helps you change the shape of an object?
  3. What do you measure with a level?