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Image: Martin is speaking to Amy.

Martin says, “Hey! Let's build a treehouse!”

Amy says, “I bet there's some wood in the shed we can use. Let's ask Liz.”

Image: Martin and Amy enter the shed. Liz is standing inside, next to a wall of tools.

Martin says, “Wow, there sure are a lot of tools. I'll get my wagon to carry the ones we need.”

Image: Martin and Amy walk away from the shed pulling a red wagon. Liz hands Amy some safety glasses.

Liz says, “I'll help with the wood. Don't forget your safety glasses.”

Click says, “Giddyap, Martin!”

Image: Martin reaches into the red wagon. Amy is wearing a tool belt.

Martin says, “Oh boy! I love working with tools!”

Amy says, “This toolbelt keeps everything so organized!”


  1. Which tool would you use to find out how long an object is?
  2. Which tool helps you change the shape of an object?
  3. What do you measure with a level?