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Houghton Mifflin Reading
Grade 3, Theme 6: Smart Solutions:
Poppa's New Pants
Logic Puzzle

Help Poppa and George fix a mix-up. Each person in their family has a dinner plate. There is only one kind of food on each plate. But no one wants what he or she has been served! Find the food each family member REALLY wants.

First, print this page. Then study the clues below the chart. They will help you find the answers. Put an X in the box under a food that you rule out. Put an 0 in the box that shows a person's favorite food.

  Chicken Potatoes Beans Salad Cake
Grandma Tiny          
Big Mama          
Aunt Viney          


  • Aunt Viney doesn't like chicken, potatoes, or cake.
  • One person's name begins with the same two letters as his or her favorite food.
  • Grandma Tiny grew the lettuce for her favorite dish.
  • George loves sweets.

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