Houghton Mifflin Reading
Grade 3, Theme 2: Celebrating Traditions:
The Keeping Quilt
Crossword Puzzle Clues

Use these clues to complete the puzzle. You may print the clues if you wish.


2. Please use a ________ when you sneeze.

5. You need this small, thin tool for sewing.

9. a part that forms the outside edge of something

11. a bed covering made of layers of cloth stitched to an inner layer of batting

12. the mother of one's father or mother


1. This cloth is made from fibers of the flax plant.

3. Our next-door ________ are very nice people.

4. to mark a happy event with festive activity

6. This fine, thin cord is used in sewing.

7. riches

8. The bride wore a white gown and veil at her ________.

10. a bunch of flowers

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