Meet the Illustrator

Ed Martinez

Portrait of Ed Martinez

Ed Martinez came to the United States from the country of Argentina when he was five years old. His father was a graphic artist. When Martinez was a boy, his father used to take him horseback riding. He learned to draw pictures of horses from seeing them in real life. When he was in college, Martinez saw a show of children's book illustrators. He knew then that he wanted to illustrate books. Martinez went to art school in New York City. Since then, he has illustrated magazines and books for children and adults.

Martinez lives in the small town of Kent, Connecticut. He likes to go out in his jeep to paint the farms, cows, and streams near Kent. He especially likes to use oil paint in his work.

  • For his first picture book, Too Many Tamales, Martinez and his wife Debbi, who is also an artist, made two batches of tamales to paint from.
  • Martinez's son Oliver is in the first grade. Once a year, Martinez goes to his son's school to talk about being an illustrator and making picture books.
  • Martinez's hobby is restoring his home with his family. Their house is over two hundred years old!

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Other Books Illustrated by Ed Martinez

  • Too Many Tamales
    (written by Gary Soto)
  • Tonio's Cat
    (written by Mary Calhoun)
  • Hurray for Three Kings' Day
    (written by Lori M. Carlson)