Houghton Mifflin Reading
Grade 6, Theme 3: Growing Up: The View from Saturday
Crossword Puzzle Clues


3. Baby turtles will head toward the brightness of the horizon or the beam of a researcher's _______.

8. Direction in which the turtles swim in summer

10. For baby turtles, these are public enemy number one.

11. Time of day when turtles almost always hatch

14. Turtle hotspot off the eastern coast of Florida

16. Direction in which the turtles swim in winter

18. Loggerhead turtle eggs are the same size as these.

19. Turtles are sometimes washed back into the ocean by a strong ______.

20. Gathering baby turtles up and saving them in buckets


1. Brand-new baby turtles

2. Ocean in which loggerhead turtles travel

4. Turtle stars of The View from Saturday

5. Sea turtles ______ on small sea creatures that live in sargasso grass.

6. Devices attached to turtles' backs to track their movements.

7. It's important to stay clear of the turtles' ______ nests because they are easily damaged.

9. The baby turtles look like ______ as they waddle mechanically toward the water.

12. Teams of people form turtle _____ to watch over the turtle nests until the babies are born.

13. Each summer and winter, sea turtles ______ up and down the coastal waters.

15. Where loggerheads go after they leave the Sargasso Sea

17. After baby turtles break out of their shells, they spend three days in a _____ to "straighten themselves out."

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