Meet the Author/Illustrator

Song Nan Zhang

Portrait of Song Nan Zhang

Song Nan Zhang studied art in Beijing, China, and in Paris, France. Later, he was a teacher in Beijing. He now lives with his family in Montreal, Canada. Song Nan Zhang does the artwork for his own books and for the books of other authors. He also paints on canvas.

  • Song Nan Zhang has visited with nomads (people who move from place to place) in distant parts of China. He enjoyed seeing their goats, yaks, and two-humped camels.
  • This author/illustrator's paintings have been displayed at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.

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Other Books Written and Illustrated by Song Nan Zhang

  • A Little Tiger in the Chinese Night: An Autobiography in Art
  • Five Heavenly Emperors: Chinese Myths of Creation
  • A Time of Golden Dragons
    (with Hao Yu Zhang)

Other Books Illustrated by Song Nan Zhang

  • From Far and Wide: A Citizenship Scrapbook
    (written by Jo Bannatyne-Cugnet)
  • The Legend of the Panda
    (retold by Linda Granfield)