Meet the Author

Susi Trautmann Wunsch

Portrait of Susi Trautmann Wunsch

Susi Trautmann Wunsch has said that "as befits a book about space travel," the idea for The Adventures of Sojourner "descended from the clear blue sky." When she heard news accounts of the Mars Pathfinder mission during the summer of 1997, she was reminded of The Little Engine That Could, one of her family's favorite books. "Like the book's character, the rover was small (hardly bigger than a breadbox) and intrepid."

When Wunsch excitedly told some friends about the mission, one of them offhandedly suggested that it would make a good book. "Almost a year later," Wunsch says, "I held The Adventures of Sojourner."

Susi Trautmann Wunsch has always been interested in science, and she shares her enthusiasm with others through her writing. How does she convey the excitement of the Mars Pathfinder mission through her story? How do her language and storytelling skills keep you interested? Discuss your thoughts with a partner.

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