Meet the Illustrator

Rob Wood

Portrait of Rob Wood

Rob Wood was creative from the start. As a boy, he liked to build things and put on shows for his family in their basement. When he was in third grade, each student in his class was asked to draw a bird on the blackboard. Wood drew a hummingbird, and everyone in the class liked it. This made such an impression on him that that he began to concentrate more and more of his time on art.

Wood works in watercolor and acrylic paints. When he needs models, he says, "I talk my friends into dressing up for photographs. Sometimes this can be very embarrassing." To prepare to create the illustrations for The Royal Kingdoms of Ghana, Mali, and Songhay, Wood read as much information about Ghana as he could find and looked for photographs of the country and its people. "I then did rough sketches to make sure the illustrations were unique yet worked as a group," he says.

Rob Wood has this advice for budding artists: "Learn to draw well, use your imagination, and don't be discouraged."

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