Meet the Author/Illustrator

Rosemary Wells

Do you know Max? Ruby? Noisy Nora? McDuff? These are all characters that Rosemary Wells draws and writes about.

Rosemary Wells began to draw when she was only two years old. She's been drawing ever since. Children like to ask her where she gets the ideas for her stories. Some ideas come from things that happened to her when she was a little girl. Other ideas come from things her two daughters, Victoria and Beezoo, did when they were little. She says that Ruby and Max are really Victoria and Beezoo.

  • Rosemary Wells once had a dog named Angus. The characters Benjamin, Tulip, and Timothy are all based on Angus.
  • She gets many of her ideas by watching people in restaurants and on trains and making up stories about them.

Rosemary Wells
Visit Rosemary Wells's Web site to learn how to make Bunny Money or to send Max and Ruby a postcard.

Other Books Written and Illustrated by Rosemary Wells

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Other Books Written by Rosemary Wells

  • McDuff Moves In
    (illustrated by Susan Jeffers)
  • McDuff Comes Home
    (illustrated by Susan Jeffers)