Meet the Author

Rebecca Stefoff

Portrait of Rebecca Stefoff

Rebecca Stefoff grew up in Indiana. There, she became very interested in bugs, birds, and other animals. In fact, some of her favorite times have been spent watching animals. She has spotted river otters while kayaking and a reef shark while diving. On trips to Asia, she has seen many colorful kinds of birds.

This author has written dozens of books about nature, history, and geography. Her subjects include animals of the sea, land, and air; famous people such as explorers, singers, and world leaders; and states and countries.

  • Rebecca Stefoff likes to collect all kinds of maps: old maps, city maps, and road maps.
  • One of her hobbies is hiking. She enjoys hiking in the mountains and along the beaches near her Oregon home. She has even written a book about Oregon!
  • The raven is Rebecca Stefoff's favorite bird.

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