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Diane Stanley

Portrait of Diane Stanley

Diane Stanley gives credit to her mother, Fay Stanley, for inspiring her creativity as a child. Her mother read books to her and took her to the theater and art galleries. The two of them even created books together. "She would type up my words, and I would draw the pictures," Stanley recalls. Fay Stanley also published mystery books, which taught her daughter "that books are written by ordinary people who like words and are willing to work hard."

Stanley herself took a while to find what she wanted to do with her life. In college, she was interested in many subjects and took a wide variety of courses. Then, as a senior, she took her first art course. "It was a revelation!" she says. "Drawing was the most natural thing in the world for me. I don't mean that everything about it was easy. But it felt like what I was born to do." After attending art school and getting a master's degree, Stanley worked as a medical illustrator. Then, with two daughters of her own, she discovered children's picture books. She knew right away that she wanted to blend her artistic talent and creativity to create children's books of her own.

Diane Stanley enjoys collaborating with others in her work. She illustrated a children's book written by her mother, called The Last Princess. She also writes and illustrates books that are researched by her husband, Peter Vennema. Her book Elena is dedicated to children at a school in El Paso, Texas, who inspired her to write a book about Hispanic children.

Diane Stanley
You can learn more about Diane Stanley at her Web site.

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Other Books Written by Diane Stanley

  • Moe the Dog in Tropical Paradise
    (illustrated by Elise Primavera)
  • The Gentleman and the Kitchen Maid
    (illustrated by Dennis Nolan)
  • Saving Sweetness
    (illustrated by G. Brian Karas)
  • A Time Apart
  • Roughing It on the Oregon Trail
    (illustrated by Holly Berry)

Other Books Written and Illustrated by Diane Stanley

  • The Conversation Club
  • Shaka: King of the Zulus
  • Good Queen Bess: The Story of Elizabeth I of England
  • Bard of Avon: The Story of William Shakespeare
  • Charles Dickens: The Man Who Had Great Expectations
  • Cleopatra
  • Rumpelstiltskin's Daughter
  • Leonardo da Vinci
  • Michelangelo