Meet the Illustrator

Sandra Speidel

Portrait of Sandra Speidel

When she was a child, Sandra Speidel drew pictures every chance she got. But she never attended art school until she became an adult. Then, however, she made up for the long delay by studying illustration, drawing, and painting. Speidel has worked as a freelance illustrator for more than 15 years. In addition to illustrating children's books, she has created illustrations for other kinds of books and for national advertising campaigns.

In her spare time, Speidel loves to act, surf the Web, go to the beach, and spend time with friends and family.

Look again at the illustrations for Sing to the Stars. What information is shown in the pictures that is not given in the text? Talk over your ideas with a partner.

Photography Credit


Other Books Illustrated by Sandra Speidel

  • Louisa May Alcott, Young Writer
    (written by Laurence Santrey)
  • The Neighborhood Trucker
    (written by Louise Borden)
  • Coconut Kind of Day: Island Poems
    (written by Lynn Joseph)
  • Wind in the Long Grass: A Collection of Haiku
    (written by William J. Higginson)
  • Kelly in the Mirror
    (written by Martha M. Vertreace)
  • The Yellow Umbrella
    (written by Caitlin Dundon)
  • My Mama Sings
    (written by Jeanne Whitehouse Peterson)
  • In My Mother's Garden
    (written by Melissa Madenski)
  • Fixing the Crack of Dawn
    (written by Erica Silverman)
  • Songs for the Seasons
    (written by Jamake Highwater)
  • A Little Salmon for Witness: A Story from Trinidad
    (written by Vashanti Rahaman)