Meet the Illustrator

Mike Reed

Portrait of Mike Reed

When he first started drawing, Mike Reed drew just to amuse himself. It wasn't long, though, before he knew he wanted to be an artist. Today he does illustrations for children's books, for magazines, for catalogs, and for ads. He also teaches illustration at the College of Visual Art in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Mike Reed says, "Making pictures is like acting — you can paint yourself into the action." He often paints on the computer, but he also draws in pen and ink and paints in acrylics. He feels that learning to draw well is the key to being a successful artist.

  • Mike Reed has always enjoyed reading. As a young child, he liked the Dr. Seuss books. Later, he started reading biographies and war stories. One reason why he feels lucky to be an illustrator is because he can listen to books on tape while he works.
  • His own dog, Mousse, is sometimes a model for Mike Reed's pictures. His children have posed for him too.

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Other Books Illustrated by Mike Reed

  • Catching the Wild Waiyuuzee
    (written by Rita Williams-Garcia)
  • Space Dogs on Planet K-9
    (written by Joan Holub)
  • Elf Help
    (written by Margie Palatini)
  • Christopher Davis's Best Year Yet
    (written by Lauren L. Wohl)