Meet the Author/Illustrator

María Puncel

María Puncel has been a storyteller most of her life. She grew up entertaining her six younger brothers and sisters by making up stories for them. Today she writes both books that tell stories and books that give information, such as her book I Want to Be a Pilot.

María Puncel lives in the country of Spain, where she grew up. She writes her books in Spanish, the language of Spain. But Puncel also knows other languages. She translates her books into English and French. That way, readers in many countries, like you, can read her books.

  • Maria Puncel's story "The New Friend" was first written in Spanish. Its Spanish title was "El Amigo Nuevo." Which of those words do you think means "new"? Which do you think means "friend"? Share your ideas with your classmates.
  • Share words from other languages that you know. On a piece of cardboard or heavy paper, draw a picture of an object or action. Then write the word for it in a language other than English. For example, you might draw an apple and write manzana (Spanish) or pomme (French).

Other Books Written by María Puncel

  • El prado del Tio Pedro/Uncle Peter's Meadow
    (illustrated by Tio Puebla)
  • Un duende a rayas/The Striped Elf
    (illustrated by María Puncel Reparaz)