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Patricia Polacco

Portrait of Patricia Polacco

No one can tell a story like Patricia Polacco! She says that she comes from a family of wonderful storytellers. "My fondest memories are of sitting around a stove or open fire, eating apples and popping corn, while listening to the old ones tell glorious stories about their homeland and the past."

Patricia Polacco was born in Lansing, Michigan. Her family is of Russian and Ukranian descent on one side and Irish descent on the other. As a child, Patricia Polacco spent the school year in Oakland, California, and her summers in Michigan. Now she is the mother of two grown children, and she still splits her time between California and Michigan. She also travels to schools and libraries, sharing her stories with children all over the country.

  • Patricia Polacco uses the stories she learned from her family as inspiration for the tales she tells in her books. She also draws on the rich cultural traditions she learned from both sides of her family.
  • She struggled with reading when she was a child. It was not until she was fourteen that she finally learned that she was dyslexic. She was afraid to read in front of other people but not to show them her drawings. "So when I would draw, that's when kids would get out of their seats and stand behind me and go, 'Wow, you can really draw.'"

Patricia Polacco
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