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Pat Mora

Portrait of Pat Mora

Pat Mora says she feels "very fortunate" that she grew up in El Paso, Texas, in a bilingual home. Mora very often works Spanish words into her English stories, because she wants readers to remember that people speak many languages the world over. "Quien habla dos lenguas, vale por dos," she says. ("If you speak two languages, your value is doubled.") She spreads her enthusiasm for languages and for reading by helping people all across the country celebrate April 30 each year as Dia de los Niños, Dia de los Libros (Children's Day, Book Day).

Tomás and the Library Lady was Pat Mora's first children's book to be accepted for publication, in 1989. However, it didn't actually get published until 1997. Why did it take so long? The book's illustrations slowed down the publication process. Raul Colón, the illustrator of the finished book, was actually the third illustrator to work on the book!

Pat Mora
You can learn more about Pat Mora at her Web site.

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