Meet the Author/Photographer

Bruce McMillan

Portrait of Bruce McMillan

Bruce McMillan received his first camera at age five and his first professional camera at age nine. By the time he finished high school, he was quite accomplished as a photographer. After college, he worked for three years at a television station as a camera operator, director, and producer. For two years after that, he was a caretaker on an island off the Maine coast. In that isolation, he worked on improving his writing skills. By the end of his time on the island, he had photographed and written his first book, Finest Kind o' Day: Lobstering in Maine.

McMillan calls himself a photo-illustrator rather than a photographer because, he says, "what I do is…similar to what other children's illustrators do…. We approach books in the same way." Like other illustrators, he creates each book as a whole. First, he thinks through the story and visualizes how he wants each photograph to look. Only then does he take the photos.

One of Bruce McMillan's books, Nights of the Pufflings, focuses on puffins, a species of bird that lives in northern areas of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. McMillan is so taken with these birds that he also leads participants on a yearly "puffin tour" in Iceland!

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Other Books Written and Photo-illustrated by Bruce McMillan

  • Apples: How They Grow
  • Making Sneakers
  • Puniddles
    (co-written by Brett McMillan)
  • The Weather Sky
  • Going on a Whale Watch
  • A Beach for the Birds
  • Penguins at Home: Gentoos of Antarctica
  • Nights of the Pufflings
  • Summer Ice: Life Along the Antarctic
  • Wild Flamingos