Meet the Author

Jonathan London

Portrait of Jonathan London

Jonathan London and his family live in Northern California. He writes about things he has seen and done. He also writes about things he has dreamed or things that just pop into his head. Many of his stories are about nature and wild animals. He writes for children because their faces thrill him when they hear or read a story they love.

What is your favorite wild animal? Draw a picture of it in the wild. Then write a short story about something that happens to this animal. Gather the pages into a book. Use your picture as the cover. Share your story with a friend. Watch your friend's face as he or she hears or reads the story. Does your friend like your book?

Photography Credit

Dennis Gray/Mercury Pictures

Other Books Written by Jonathan London

  • Who Bop?
    (illustrated by Henry Cole)
  • Fireflies, Fireflies, Light My Way
    (illustrated by Linda Messier)
  • Baby Whale's Journey
    (illustrated by Jon Van Zyle)
  • Ice Bear and Little Fox
    (illustrated by Daniel San Souci)
  • The Owl Who Became the Moon
    (illustrated by Ted Rand)
  • Red Wolf Country
    (illustrated by Daniel San Souci)
  • Shawn and Keeper and the Birthday Party
    (illustrated by Renée Williams-Andriani)