Meet the Author

Patricia Lauber

What do dinosaurs, planets, mummies, volcanoes, trees, garbage, and a dog named Clarence have in common? Why, all of them are the subjects of books written by Patricia Lauber! This author of more than eighty books was born in New York City. For most of her adult life, she has been a writer and editor. Many of her books explain things in the natural world, but she also writes children's stories. When Patricia Lauber discovers something really interesting, she shares it with others by writing about it. "I was born wanting to write," she says.

  • Patricia Lauber has to do a lot of research for many of her books. She likes doing the research because it helps her learn new things.
  • To relax, Patricia Lauber sails, travels, listens to music, and goes to the theater.

Other Books Written by Patricia Lauber

  • Hurricanes: Earth's Mightiest Storms
  • Be a Friend to Trees
    (illustrated by Holly Keller)
  • You're Aboard Spaceship Earth
    (illustrated by Holly Keller)
  • Flood: Wrestling with the Mississippi
  • Painters of the Caves
  • The News About Dinosaurs
  • Living with Dinosaurs
    (illustrated by Douglas Henderson)
  • Volcano: The Eruption and Healing of Mount St. Helens
  • Snakes Are Hunters
    (illustrated by Holly Keller)