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Kathryn Lasky

Portrait of Kathryn Lasky

Kathryn Lasky was born and grew up in Indianapolis, Indiana. When she was in school, she was labeled a "reluctant reader." The label was only half right, as she explains: "The truth was that I didn't really like the kind of books they had you reading at school — the 'See Dick, see Jane' books. So I made a voluntary withdrawal from reading in school. But I loved the books my mom was reading to me, books like Peter Pan and The Wonderful Wizard of Oz." It was stories like these that led her to think up her own stories, although she says, "I never told anyone or showed anyone my stories."

Lasky's interests as a writer range far and wide. To do research for her nonfiction books, she's been everywhere from a sheep-shearing farm, to a dollmaker's workshop, to a small sailboat crossing the Atlantic, to an archaeological dig in South Dakota. She likes writing fiction too, because she can focus on the characters. "I want young readers to come away with a sense of joy about life," she says. "I want to draw them into a world where they're really going to connect with these characters."

Kathryn Lasky says that whatever she's writing, fiction or nonfiction, "the most important thing is if a story is real. Even in my nonfiction books, telling a story is more important than reciting the facts. I am sure a lot of folks must think I'm rather scattered doing all these different books. But to me, the whole point of being an artist is to get up every morning and reinvent the world."

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