Meet the Author

Stephen Kramer

Portrait of Stephen Kramer

Stephen Kramer is the author of The Dark Zone and other science books for young readers. He teaches fifth grade near Vancouver, Washington, where he lives with his wife and two sons. In his spare time, he's learning to play the bagpipes!

Kramer's Black Hole Gang books are filled with adventure and laughs, along with lots of science information.

The Black Hole Gang
Stephen Kramer also created The Black Hole Gang Web site, a place for kids to have fun while learning about science. The site includes a series of science sleuth questions, links to other Web sites, and information on topics ranging from bats and rain forests to machines and astronomy. Check it out!

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Other Books Written by Stephen Kramer

  • The Dark Zone: Exploring the Secret World of Caves
    (illustrated by Richard Torrey)
  • Tornado
  • Caves
    (photographs by Kenrick L. Day)
  • Lightning
    (photographs by Warren Faidley)
  • Avalanche
    (photographs by Patrick Cone)
  • How to Think Like a Scientist: Answering Questions by the Scientific Method
    (illustrated by Felicia Bond)