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Helen Ketteman

Portrait of Helen Ketteman

Helen Ketteman's writing did not go the way she expected at first. "When I first started writing," she says, "I thought my stories were wonderful and would sell right away. They didn't. I got rejections for three and a half years. I had a lot to learn. But I finally did learn because I kept trying."

Today, in addition to writing, Ketteman frequently visits elementary schools to talk to students. She has spoken at writing conferences and has appeared on radio and television talk shows. From time to time she also teaches a class for adults on writing picture books.

Helen Ketteman is grateful for all the time she spent reading as a child. "Books were a way I could visit places I thought I'd never go and meet people I'd never get the chance to meet. They also gave me the adventures I wanted so badly," she says.

Helen Ketteman
You can learn more about Helen Ketteman at her Web site.

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Other Books Written by Helen Ketteman

  • Aunt Hilarity's Bustle
    (illustrated by James Warhola)
  • The Year of No More Corn
    (illustrated by Robert Andrew Parker)
  • Not Yet, Yvette
    (illustrated by Irene Trivas)
  • Luck with Potatoes
    (illustrated by Brian Floca)
  • Grandma's Cat
    (illustrated by Marsha Winborn)
  • Bubba the Cowboy Prince: A Fractured Texas Tale
    (illustrated by James Warhola)
  • I Remember Papa
    (illustrated by Greg Shed)
  • Shoeshine Whittaker
    (illustrated by Scott Goto)
  • The Christmas Blizzard
    (illustrated by James Warhola)
  • Armadillo Tattletale
    (illustrated by Keith Graves)