Meet the Author/Illustrator

Keiko Kasza

Keiko Kasza was born on a small island in Japan. She grew up in an extended family household of her parents, her grandparents, and her two brothers. Her aunts and uncles and cousins also lived nearby.

Keiko Kasza moved to the United States to go to college in California. She married an American and now lives in Indiana with her husband and their two sons.

  • When Keiko Kasza makes up her stories, she likes to pretend that she's one of the characters. "I pretend that I'm a bird looking for my mother or a pig trying to impress his girlfriend."
  • She loves the work of Arnold Lobel. She says that she looks at his work for inspiration whenever she gets discouraged.

Other Books Written and Illustrated by Keiko Kasza

  • Don't Laugh, Joe!
  • Dorothy & Mikey
  • The Rat and the Tiger
  • When the Elephant Walks
  • Grandpa Toad's Secret
  • A Mother for Choco