Meet the Author

Barbara Shook Hazen

Portrait of Barbara Shook Hazen

Barbara Shook Hazen is the author of more than sixty books for children. She has been writing children's books for over forty years.

Hazen often visits schools and libraries to read her books and talk to her readers. She remembers her teacher writing “spelling?” and “MESSY!” on her papers. But she thinks “rough” drafts are an important part of writing, full of good surprises.

Hazen also says about writing, “Words are friends, and writing gives second chances. It's also like traveling, a wonderful way to explore, learn things, and get to know people.”

  • Hazen had a poem published in a national magazine when she was in the third grade.
  • One of Hazen's earliest books was Mister Ed, the Talking Horse. It was published in 1958, three years before a long-running television show about Mr. Ed.

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Other Books Written by Barbara Shook Hazen

  • City Cats, Country Cats
    (illustrated by Pam Paparone)
  • Digby
    (illustrated by Barbara J. Phillips-Duke)
  • The New Dog
    (illustrated by R. W. Alley)
  • Road Hog
    (illustrated by Davy Jones)
  • The Timid Little Kitten
    (illustrated by Jan Pfloog)
  • Tight Times
    (illustrated by Trina Schart Hyman)