Meet the Author/Illustrator

Kevin Hawkes

Portrait of Kevin Hawkes

As a child, Kevin Hawkes already loved to draw and paint, as well as play with modeling clay and dig in the dirt. In art class he tried all kinds of projects, including sculpture with clay, plaster, wire, and papier-mâché. He planned his projects carefully; in ninth grade, for example, he built a life-size mountaineer out of papier-mâché, complete with a climbing axe. Hawkes recalls, "I made him in a sitting position so that when he dried I could take him home on the school bus, which I did, much to my mother's amazement."

After graduating from college in Utah with a degree in illustration, Hawkes moved to Boston. He worked for two years in the children's section of a bookstore, studying the artwork in picture books every day on his lunch break. At the same time, he began showing his own work to publishers in Boston and New York, and in time his efforts paid off: He got his first illustration assignments. "Ever since," he says, "things have been busy."

When asked what he enjoys drawing most, Kevin Hawkes replies, "Enormous objects flying through the air and dramatic shadows." He also says, "It seems that all of my characters come from places where the lampposts are never straight, the hills impossibly steep, and the skies impossibly blue. I love to tell stories through my artwork and transport young readers to new and unusual places."

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