Meet the Author

Virginia Hamilton

Virginia Hamilton grew up on a farm near Yellow Springs, Ohio, listening to stories spun by her mother and father. She knew from a very early age that she wanted to tell stories too. On her way to becoming a writer, she lived in New York City and worked as an accountant, a nightclub singer, and a museum receptionist, among many other jobs. Then she published her first book, Zeely, about her own roots in rural America, and soon afterward she and her family moved back to Yellow Springs.

Hamilton wrote many different types of books, including mysteries, science fiction, and history. Whatever she wrote about, she said, what's most important is telling a good story — just as her parents did.

Virginia Hamilton
Virginia Hamilton loved frogs! She had a big collection of them (not the live kind) — check them out at her Web site.

Other Books Written by Virginia Hamilton

  • Second Cousins
  • Bluish: A Novel
  • M. C. Higgins, the Great
  • The Bells of Christmas
    (illustrated by Lambert Davis)
  • The House of Dies Drear
    (illustrated by Eros Keith)
  • When Birds Could Talk and Bats Could Sing
    (illustrated by Barry Moser)
  • The Gathering
  • Cousins
  • Many Thousand Gone