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J. Lynett Gillette

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As a child, Lynett Gillette never thought about dinosaurs or fossils or geology. She was interested in science, however, and in college she majored in anthropology and journalism. Later, as a research technician at the Smithsonian Institution, she enjoyed working with Paleo-Indian skeletons. Gillette's interest in fossils and geology grew still deeper as she accompanied her husband, a graduate student in paleontology, on field trips to Florida, Argentina, and Australia. At the age of 33, she returned to school to get a degree in geology.

Gillette is now the curator of paleontology at the Ruth Hall Museum of Paleontology at Ghost Ranch, New Mexico. A normal work day for her is a busy one and involves many activities. She might lead a school group in a discussion about geology, write an article for a magazine, update the computer catalog to include new fossil discoveries at the ranch, supervise museum volunteers, and plan new museum exhibits.

When Lynett Gillette's daughter, Jennifer, was a child, she sometimes went with her mother into the field when she worked as an exploration geologist. Jennifer also sometimes went with her dad on paleontology trips. This exposure to science rubbed off on her, and she is now studying marine biology in college. How have the careers or interests of your family members sparked your own interests? Talk over your thoughts with a friend.

J. Lynett Gillette
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