Meet the Author

Valerie Flournoy

Portrait of Valerie Flournoy

Valerie Flournoy and her twin sister, Vanessa, were born just three minutes apart. But that doesn't mean they're alike: Her sister is organized and enjoys mystery stories, and Valerie is not very organized and likes to read historical books. Still, except for their first year in college, the sisters have always spent lots of time together. Even today, they play cards and games with each other.

Flournoy graduated from college with a degree in social studies and got her teaching certification. When she started writing for children, she also worked for a publishing company. Now, when she's not writing, Flournoy visits schools across the country, giving a "show and tell" program on how she works with an editor, art director, and illustrator to turn her stories into books.

Besides Valerie and Vanessa, the Flournoy family includes three other sets of multiple children (twins, triplets, and groups of even more)!

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Other Books Written by Valerie Flournoy

  • The Patchwork Quilt
    (illustrated by Jerry Pinkney)
  • The Best Time of Day
    (illustrated by George Ford)
  • The Twins Strike Back
    (illustrated by Melodye Rosales)
  • Celie and the Harvest Fiddler
    (illustrated by James E. Ransome)