Meet the Author

Alice K. Flanagan

Alice K. Flanagan has written books on many subjects. Exploring Parks with Ranger Dockett is just one of her books about jobs. Many children enjoy her books about birds. She has also written books telling about different Native American groups.

Does someone in your family have an interesting job? Write a list of questions to ask your family member about his or her job. Then interview that person. Ask your list of questions, and write down the person's answers. Share your interview with the class.

Other Books Written by Alice K. Flanagan

  • Desert Birds
  • Seabirds
    (written by Alice K. Flanagan)
  • Mr. Yee Fixes Cars
    (photographs by Romie Flanagan)
  • Raising Cows on the Koebels' Farm
    (photographs by Romie Flanagan)
  • Dr. Friedman Helps Animals
    (photographs by Christine Osinski)
  • The Pueblos
  • The Shawnee