Meet the Illustrator

Dom Lee

Portrait of Dom Lee

As Dom Lee prepares to illustrate a book, he researches the time period of the story to make sure that his illustrations will be accurate. He uses beeswax, oil paint, and colored pencils to create his book illustrations as well as his other artwork. Some of this art has been exhibited in France.

For some projects, Lee collaborates with his wife, Keunhee Lee, who works mainly with watercolor. The resulting illustrations combine the methods of both artists. As partners they have illustrated books published in both Korea and the United States.

When Dom Lee was a child, he says, he "didn't read books often. I went to the movies instead. The many movies that I saw during my childhood help me with my illustrations today." What everyday experiences do you have now that might help you with a future career? Discuss your thoughts with a partner.

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Other Books Illustrated by Dom Lee

  • Baseball Saved Us
    (written by Ken Mochizuki)
  • Heroes
    (written by Ken Mochizuki)
  • The Garden
    (written by Carol Matas)
  • Journey Home
    (illustrated with Keunhee Lee; written by Lawrence McKay)