Meet the Author/Illustrator

Tomie dePaola

Portrait of Tomie dePaola

By the age of four, Tomie dePaola knew what he wanted to be when he grew up: an artist and writer. (He also wanted to be a singer and tap dancer!) His parents bought his art supplies and let him work in a special space in the attic. Now Tomie dePaola works in a very old barn at his home in New Hampshire.

At different times, Tomie dePaola has designed posters, greeting cards, and stage sets. He painted church murals and taught art, too. Now, though, he writes and illustrates children's books and paints pictures for galleries. His dream, he says, is that at least one of his books or pictures "will touch the heart of some individual child and change that child's life for the better."

  • Tomie dePaola is very popular with his readers. More than 5,000,000 (that's five MILLION!) copies of his books have been sold. Each year, he gets over 100,000 fan letters and more than 1,000 invitations to speak.
  • This author/illustrator loves dogs — especially Welsh terriers.

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  • Strega Nona Meets Her Match
  • Strega Nona Takes a Vacation
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