Meet the Illustrator

Raul Colón

Portrait of Raul Colón

Raul Colón read a lot of comic books when he was a boy. In one of them, he learned about a place called the Famous Artists' School. When he was about twelve years old, Colón sent a letter to the school and then got a test to see how well he could draw. One day, the school sent a cartoonist to Colón's house to tell him that he had artistic talent but that he was too young to sign up for the school. Later, as a tenth-grade student, Colón got his first real training in art, including photography and advertising art.

When he was older, Colón put together a portfolio of his work and moved to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He tells what happened next: "I…accidentally found a job at a TV station when I walked into the wrong office with my portfolio. It was crazy. They just happened to be looking for an artist." Colón worked for the station for ten years. During that time he did everything from making short films to working with puppets for educational programs. He enjoyed the experience, but he realized that illustration was his true passion.

Raul Colón says that what seemed like a disadvantage in his childhood turned out to be an advantage: "As a child I had chronic asthma and would frequently be so ill that I could not leave the house for days or even weeks at a time. But all those times I spent locked up inside, I spent filling up dozens of composition notebooks with all kinds of drawings. I even tried to write my own comic books…. So my illness as a child, which kept me from going outside to play, became a blessing."

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  • A Weave of Words: An Armenian Tale
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