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Ann Cameron

Portrait of Ann Cameron

Ann Cameron grew up in Wisconsin. Today, she and her husband live in Guatemala. From her house she can see a waterfall and three volcanoes. Ann Cameron has been a teacher and an editor as well as a writer. She says that writing is hardest for her at the beginning of a book. To get started, she follows this important rule for writing: "Apply seat of pants to bottom of chair."

  • One of Ann Cameron's favorite things to do as a child was to ride her pony, Paint. She also liked to hunt for Indian arrowheads.
  • This author once worked in the rain forest of Belize, Central America. She was the camp cook on a Mayan dig there.
  • Ann Cameron works for the library in her Guatemalan town. When she started, the library had only twenty children's books. Now there are more than 3,000!

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