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Sue Boulais

Portrait of Sue Boulais

Sue Boulais's endless curiosity about, in her words, "why and what kind and how much and who" has led her to write about a wide variety of subjects. Her biographies range from entertainers such as Gloria Estefan and Vanessa Williams to athletes such as Andres Galarraga and Trent Dimas. She has also written a variety of "how-to" books on subjects such as football and BMX riding. And she writes about other nonfiction topics too, such as plants, weather, water, and matter.

As a kid growing up in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Boulais didn't think of becoming a writer, but she wrote adventure stories in which girls always saved the day. She also enjoyed experimenting with different kinds of writing. For example, in high school, instead of a science report on butterflies, she turned in a poem! Today she enjoys the variety of writing she does. "A good craftsperson should be able to write interestingly on any subject," she says.

Sue Boulais says that reading was more important than writing when she was a young person. She loved reading so much that she would save a quarter from her baby-sitting money each week to buy books featuring Cherry Ames, a mystery-solving nurse.

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Other Books Written by Sue Boulais

  • Learning How: Skateboarding
  • Learning How: Football
  • Learning How: BMX Riding
  • Trivia
  • Math
  • Plants
  • Famous People
  • Andres Galarraga
  • Trent Dimas: Gold Medal Olympic Gymnast
    (co-written by Valerie Menard)