Meet the Author

Alma Flor Ada

Portrait of Alma Flor Ada

Alma Flor Ada grew up in Cuba. Her family lived in a "wonderful big old house." If she went out the front door, she was on the street. But if she went out the back door, she found a special world that sparked her imagination. It was a world of fruit trees and animals. There were cows and a horse and a river full of life: herons, fish, bullfrogs, and turtles.

Alma Flor Ada says that she writes to share some of the feelings she had as a child: "the joy, the excitement, the surprise." She says that seeing her books in the hands of a child is one of her greatest joys.

  • Alma Flor Ada has lived in Cuba, Spain, Peru, and the United States.
  • She writes books in both Spanish and English.
  • She has four children and three grandchildren.

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Other Books Written by Alma Flor Ada

  • Jordi's Star
    (illustrated by Susan Gaber)
  • The Gold Coin/La moneda de oro
    (illustrated by Neil Waldman)
  • The Lizard and the Sun/La lagartija y el sol
    (illustrated by Felipe Dávalos)
  • Mediopollito: Half-Chicken
    (illustrated by Kim Howard)
  • The Rooster That Went to His Uncle's Wedding: A Latin American Folktale
    (illustrated by Kathleen Kuchera)
  • Yours Truly, Goldilocks
    (illustrated by Leslie Tryon)