Meet the Author/Illustrator

Yossi Abolafia

Yossi Abolafia grew up in Israel. He used to draw cartoons for television there. Once he even made a cartoon weather report! Now he writes and draws pictures for children's books and comic strips. Yossi Abolafia has three children.

  • Yossi Abolafia once lived on a Kibbutz in Israel. A Kibbutz is a place where people live and work together. There he was in charge of a mule named Beefsteak. It was Beefsteak's job to pull the cart that carried the vegetables from the garden. It was Yossi's job to make sure that Beefsteak went where he was supposed to go.
  • Yossi Abolafia always wanted to be a pilot. He still draws planes when he doodles.

Other Books Illustrated by Yossi Abolafia

  • Am I Beautiful?
    (written by Else Holmelund Minarik)
  • Clean House
    (written by Jessie Haas)
  • Harry's Pony
    (written by Barbara Ann Porte)
  • It's Valentine's Day
    (written by Jack Prelutsky)
  • My Parents Think I'm Sleeping
    (written by Jack Prelutsky)