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Houghton Mifflin Reading
Grade 4, Theme 6: Nature: Friend and Foe: Salmon Summer
Label a Diagram Directions

Can you label the parts of a salmon? First, read the descriptive paragraph below:

Salmon have three main parts. The front section is called the anterior. The anterior includes the head as well as the gills, which consist of a gill cover and a gill opening. The belly part of the fish's body is called the ventral section. The pectoral fin is near the beginning of the belly, behind the gills. The pelvic fin is near the center of the belly. Behind these two fins, in the posterior, or back, section of the salmon, is the anal fin. The salmon's tail is located in the posterior as well. (It would look pretty strange anywhere else, wouldn't it?) The tail is where you'll find the caudal fin. And there are two more fins before we're finished. The salmon's largest fin, the spiny dorsal fin, is on the middle of its back. The much smaller soft dorsal fin is about three-fourths of the way from the spiny dorsal fin to the caudal fin.

Next, print a picture of the salmon. Click here for the picture.
Now, write each label on the correct line. Choose from these labels.

Gill opening
Pelvic fin
Soft dorsal fin
Pectoral fin
Gill cover
Spiny dorsal fin
Anal fin
Caudal fin

Now write down all the circled letters, and unscramble them to spell a three-word phrase.

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