Grade 1

Web Field Trip

Take a walk in the woods on the Web!

Take a field trip without leaving your chair!

The class in The Forest took a field trip to a real forest. Take a Web field trip through these Web sites.

Print out and fill out a Web Field Trip Log to show what you saw and what you learned.

Click here for the Web Field Trip Log.

A Walk in the Woods
Take a walk along a forest path and look for clues along the way. You'll learn a lot about the plants and animals that make a forest their home.

The Life of a Tree
What does a tree look like on the inside, and what can that tell us about the tree's life? Take a look inside a tree and find out.

Smokey Bear
Explore Smokey Bear's Web site. There are games you can play and pictures you can print out and color. You'll also learn more about the dangers of forest fires.