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Opinion Essay

Summer Vacation: Dream or Disaster?

By Angie L.


You can call me crazy, but I'm a person who likes to look at both the good things and the bad things about life. Take summer vacation. Most kids are crazy about it, but if you really think about it, there are some good things about it and some bad things.


First, let's start with the advantages. The first advantage is that there is no school during summer vacation. No school means no homework, and no homework means playing outside until dark or playing inside until bedtime.

Speaking ofbedtime, another advantage of summer vacation is that you can stay up late. Since there's no school the next day, you can sleep in. It's great not having to get up quite so early.


The third advantage of summer vacation is that the weather is hot, so you can go swimming in a pool. On really hot days, you can go to the beach and build castles in the sand or swim in the cold ocean water.

Another advantage is that you have more free time during the summer to do what you want. During the year, you have school for six hours a day, not to mention all that additional homework. But during the summer, you don't have school, and you don't have homework! Not having that stress is really kind of nice.

Probably myfavorite advantage of summer vacation is that people run camps of all kinds—like sports camps, scouting camps, hobby camps, and science camps. If you're looking for something to do, one of these camps might just be for you! I have participated in all four types, and I remember these times happily.

Now, on the other hand, there really are some bad things about summer vacation. The first disadvantage of summer vacation is the mosquitoes. Whenever you go outside, they attack you, which interferes with playing outside after seven o'clock at night. And talking about playing outside brings me to my next disadvantage. During some days in the summer, horrible heat waves invade our play spaces, making it nearly impossible to enjoy the outdoors. Besides, even if you could play outside, whom would you play with? Friends are usually at camp, away on vacation, or busy most of the time. During the school year, you can see your friends every day.

For all these reasons, I feel that summer vacation is terrific in some ways and depressing in others. Sure, you can enjoy not going to school, staying up late, swimming all day, and maybe even attending some kind of camp. But not seeing your friends and not always being able to play outside might get to you after a while. Basically, for me, summer sure can get pretty long and boring after a while. What do you think?

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