Evaluation Station

Grade 4: Research Report

Is your information on target? Check out these tips.

Use information from at least three different sources. You can interview an expert, search the Internet, and use encyclopedias, nonfiction books, magazines, and newspapers
Choose the best sources. Try to make sure the writer has experience or education in the topic. Also look for the date that shows when the writing was published. Use the most recent information you can find.
Use only facts, not opinions.
Opinions: I think it's great that some people are trying to save the California condor. It must be a difficult job, but it seems worthwhile to me.
Facts: At the Los Angeles Zoo, people have helped the number of California condors to grow. These birds usually lay only one egg every two years. At the zoo, people remove the egg from the nest, and this causes the condor to lay another egg in a few weeks. Meanwhile, the first egg gets hatched in an incubator. This way, the number of condors grows about twice as quickly as usual.
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