Evaluation Station

Grade 3: Story

Grab your readers' interest in the first sentence or two. Here are some ways to do it.

Describe a character.

Emily was the greatest basketball player in the world, but no one knew it yet. That's because she was only eight years old.

Describe the setting.

Emily's bedroom had nothing in it but a bed, a dresser, and a basketball hoop.

Describe an action.

Emily shot ten perfect baskets in a row. Any great basketball player can do that, but Emily did it with her eyes shut.

Give your readers an idea of what your story is about.

In your first paragraph or two, tell a little about the setting and at least one main character. Show what the characters' problem is.

Matthew sat on a park bench next to the pond and tossed bread crumbs to the ducks. He was in the third grade, and he was thinking about what to do for his science project. Suddenly, he had a brilliant idea. He loved watching the ducks scramble after his crumbs. Why not build a floating crumb tosser?

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